Bush Administration Rewrites Katrina History

The New York Times today, reports that the Bush administration is trying to rewrite the federal government's bungling of Hurricane Katrina to make it a state problem: "A Firestorm, a Deluge and a Sharp Political Dig".

"President Bush long ago accepted responsibility for the federal response to Hurricane Katrina. But now his administration and its allies are using the California disaster, with its affluent victims and reverse 911 telephone-warning system, to revisit Louisiana's handling of the 2005 hurricane -- and, in the process, to rewrite the story of one of the Bush administration's biggest setbacks."

Despite the fact that the scale of the the two disasters was completely different (475,000 acres, vs.52 million acres; 1,875 homes vs. 300,000 homes; no power, no communications systems and 80% of New Orleans under water vs. sophisticated communication systems and roads; affluent population vs. poor population), the administration is taking the opportunity contort their Katrina mismanagement into a failure of Democratic leadership at the state and local levels.


Acronym Required previously wrote a number of articles on Katrina and FEMA.

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