Avian Flu Updates

Science and Nature are reporting about reverse genetics research of the 1918 flu virus. The structure of the flu virus last year suggested that this virus was a bird flu that jumped directly to humans.

President George Bush warned of the avian flu today and proposed that the military be mobilized to deal with public health threats. His proposal was roundly criticized by public health officials who claimed that cuts to public health funding shouldn't have been so severe. The Democrats criticized the president for not moving on the issue sooner and proposed a "director of pandemic preparedness and response", or as some agencies are reporting it, a "bird flu czar"

Acronym Required previously wrote about disaster preparedness with regard to Hurricane Katrina here and here. We also wrote about Avian Flu in these articles: "Hopes For Avian Flu Vaccine"; "Modeling Epidemics", and "Avian Flu in China- Increasing Resistance"

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