California Performance Review on Portfolio Management

This excerpt from the Technology Alignment section (a good read) of the California Performance Review discusses the impact of California's lack of project portfolio management:
According to Thom Rubel of the META Group, "The institutionalization of portfolio management responsibility can begin to build relationships across the government enterprise that effectively bring budget and finance offices and IT organizations into better understanding and consensus on strategic IT investments during fluctuating budget cycles. Creating portfolio management awareness within government can begin to build the bridge of understanding between IT and budget organizations and program agencies to more effectively and strategically invest in executive branch and legislative public-policy priorities."[36]
Despite its value to the state, there are currently no statewide policies, guidelines or evidence of adoption of best practices for technology portfolio management practices. For the most part, policy-makers are still not thinking of technology projects as a portfolio of investments for achieving a shared vision for how the state should serve the people, as pointed out by the Little Hoover Commission in 2000.[37]
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